Funny Baby Bib Sayings

Funny Baby Bib Sayings

Laugh out loud at our collection of funny baby bib sayings.

If you have been looking for a funny bib saying look no further!

Checkout our Charles Dickens Please Sir Can I Have Some More baby bib for those literary lovers out there.  Hand lettered design with distinct Victorian vibes is oh so funny and also super stylish.  Available in 4 colours, this funny bib for babies is a winner.

Go for some punk vibes, in our Love Milk bib.  A take on the Love Hate fists.  Our hand drawn fists feature Love on one knuckle and Milk on the other.  The tattoo font gives this design a unique punk feel.  Available in 2 colour options for the little punk in your life.

Dress to impress in our Tuxedo baby bib.  Featuring a shirt and tie motif, with buttons and a bow tie.  With a flower in the lapel.  Our tuxedo bib has it all going on.  Whether you are celebrating a wedding, Christening or attending a party or they just want to channel their inner James Bond.  Our tuxedo bib is a popular choice and loved by parents and gift buyers alike.

In addition, you’ll love our range of David Bowie inspired baby bibs.  Grab our Rebel Rebel bib or our BABY design inspired by the Bowie logo.  Get some glam rock into their funny baby bib collection.

Lets go retro, with our funny Send Milk slogan baby bib.  Featuring the saying ‘Send Milk’.  Hand-drawn flag with a retro sunbeam design.  The idea behind this bib is the SOS vibe.

Furthermore, our Pac Man inspired baby bib featuring rows of baby bottles and the iconic Pac Man head is a firm favourite.  Gamer mum and dads will love this fun baby bib.

In addition, Brian Johnson, Dave Evans or Bon Scott would be proud of our ACDC inspired baby bib.  Featuring the letters ABCD.  This cool black bib with metallic silver text will add some rock styling to baby’s outfit.

Without a doubt, music lovers, will dig our cool Superstar DJ baby bib.  This hand lettered design features the saying Superstar DJ alongside cool graphics.  The handwritten font has the street style you’ve been searching for.